10 December, 14

About Shaun

Shaun Patrick James, aka ‘Prickimage’, has been a major player in the live visuals scene for a number of years. Having worked with the likes of the Chemical Brothers, brands like Wrigleys and major events like Glastonbury and BBC Radio 1, he’s well established in the live music and club scene.

 The Challenge

When you meet Shaun you’re blown away by the pace of his imagination, he’s up on the latest technology and already has hundreds of ideas how to exploit them creatively. This innovation that sets his skills apart, sometimes also holds him back in business.

Shaun’s biggest creation is a combination of projectors, portable battery packs and gadgetry that stops it all blowing up – he calls it WALKABOUT Projection and one thing is for certain, we loved the idea the minute we saw it. All the skill of a puppeteer, combined with technology that makes messages pop up unexpectedly on your clothes, under tables, from behind walls. It’s not the ideas Shaun struggles with, it’s finding the finance to keep up with the pace of his imagination.

The Solution

Shaun’s not a geek he’s an artist, he likes applying new approaches in different environments and enjoys the reactions created. Through a number of meetings with West Creative it became clear that Shaun defined success based on product innovations, but he was in need of serious cash injections to fund this R&D process. Instead of whiling away hours applying for public funding, we worked with Shaun to identify commercial markets that would pay serious money for the product he had created. In particular, positioning the product as a solution for user generated social media content – a priceless gimmick for marketing departments and experiential events. This process of identifying commercial markets, instead of purely ‘artistic’ ones, has given Shaun a different route of ‘subsidy’ to allow him time to innovate and grow as a business.

The Results

Since launching WALKABOUT Projection this summer, it has been picked up by leading brands Virgin EMI, Redbull, Vivienne Westwood, Metro Newspaper and the Barbican. Shaun and his team of WALKABOUT performers have also been able to collaborate with chart topping artist MNEK, whose gigs regularly see fans posting Instagram pictures tagged #WALKABOUTProjections.

Twitter / Instagram: #WALKABOUTProjection @PRICKIMAGE
Web: www.WALKABOUTProjection.co.uk  | www.PRICKIMAGE.com