Engaging Volunteers in Research

Age UK Islington

Helping charities identify growth strategies in the current climate requires clear insight into how the organisation and its services are perceived. Age UK Islington is an independent charity and is heavily reliant on volunteers to achieve its aims. West Creative created a bespoke research project to identify how the organisation is perceived across various stakeholders and especially engaging volunteers in research. Over three months we interviewed over 50 people from day centre users to funders and volunteers to partners. The results of the perception research have been shared across the organisation and with all the trustees. West Creative is now the organisations lead marketing consultant and working to roll out a series of engagement strategies to increase the effectiveness of the organisations aims.

One volunteer summarises how they benefited from our approach:

“It was a pleasant surprise to find the unusual non-techie approach of selecting photographs and giving feedback around them worked so effectively at getting a disparate bunch of people to open up and tell you what we really thought about the volunteer experience with AGE UK. Without your skills of friendly facilitation and mediation it may have ended up as one of those tedious discussions which contribute to global warming and nothing more. Well, it certainly wasn’t that.”

Yve Newbold, Age UK Islington Volunteer