4 August, 15

Social Media Secrets for Selling a Show #edfringe2015

50,459 performances from over 3,314 shows; it makes sense every performer at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is getting their tartan knickers in a social media twist! Fortunately we know a thing or two about theatre marketing and #edfringe. So, crack open an Irn-Bru and consider our top tips:

#1 The clue is the name

…‘social’ media. Think of it as conversation at the bar in the Brass Monkey, with their infamous fringe hangover cure…a Bloody Mary. You wouldn’t sit there shouting ‘Shakespeare for Breakfast, on now, you’ll love it!’, you’d tell them something to pique their interest. The same is true online.

#2 Find a voice

Social media shouldn’t be anonymous. Figure out your personality and let it shine. Folk follow people and your company has a personality.

#3 Get to the point

Forget the pre-amble, the pleasantries, the grammatical sentence structure. Say it sharp, say it fast – we don’t care to read your waffle. And keep each post to one message at a time.

#4 Emotions sell

Buying a ticket ain’t an academic process, people go ‘cos they want a tear jerker, they want a belly laugh, they fancy the lead actor – tell them the emotions they’ll feel before anything else.

#5 Pictures speak a thousand words

I hate to break it to you wordsmiths, but we don’t like to read. We’re on social media for a quick fix and photos fare much better. But don’t show us a photo of yet another deep fried haggis…#nofood!

#6 Your ordinary is their exotic

I know you love your show, but what punters really enjoy is a glimpse into a performer’s world. Show us your tech, the dressing-room-come-toilet and what happens when you’re not on stage. Let your followers get to know your fringe experience.

#7 Likes are not an accurate picture

We call them ‘passive actives’ and there’s a lot of them. The folk who read your tweets, watch your facebook posts and do sweet f a…or so you might think. The truth is a lot of people ‘like’ your posts in real life, they spread the word and advocate offline. Don’t measure every success by online responses.

#8 Short lived

On average a post lasts for about an hour and then it’s disappeared from social sphere. Space out your updates, use the scheduling tool to vary the times and send out timely updates before your show starts.

#9 Fear is a powerful tool

No one wants to miss out. So give them the willies, and tell them what they’ve missed.

#10 Talk back

Remember it’s a social party. Respond to the likes, reply to comments. Have a chin-wag and make some friends.

Do us a favour. If you valued these top tips do give it a retweet or share. We work with creative businesses all year round and know how important it is to share our insight. After all, we’ll be up for the festival and using our online experience to decide who we come and discover.

Here’s to a great #edfringe2015



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