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In 2017, Catherine Green, from Wandsworth Professional Development Centre (part of Wandsworth Council) got in touch.

Offering first class business training facilities on the top floor of an award winning school in Wandsworth should be an easy sell, yet Catherine’s problem was that not enough people knew they were there.

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To get to the bottom of the problem, we started with a focused piece of listening research – hearing first hand how current customers perceived the facility. What the insights showed was a real need to better position the facility amongst local competitors. Focusing on the strengths and tackling some of the misconceptions.

Wandsworth Professional Development Centre, Front Cover, Designed by West Creative
Wandsworth Professional Development Centre, Inside Front Cover, Designed by West Creative


Smart space, for smart thinking people was the new brand strategy created. One that built on the strengths of the facility, while more clearly positioning it as a professional learning space and complementing its relationship with the Local Authority.

Wandsworth Professional Development Centre, Interview, Designed by West Creative

The brand strategy was only the beginning, it was the inclusion of content marketing that really gave the training facility the lift they were after. Interviews with various users and a photoshoot on location brought the experience to life. The brochure and brand identity combined created an impact and got people talking.

“I am pleased to say that the centre’s week day bookings are up by 30% this Autumn term compared to same period last year.”
Catherine Green, Strategic Business Manager, Wandsworth Borough Council

Wandsworth Professional Development Centre, Floor Plan, Designed by West Creative


Gaining understanding of how the facility was perceived from a broad range of users was vital to understand the mismatch of positioning.

Creating both a short-term set of tactics and a longer-term strategy for all marketing activity enabled the team to understand what was needed to improve sales.

Developed a compelling brand identity that effectively engaged the defined target audience, while still complementing the values of Wandsworth Council.

Avoiding the familiar, the brand identity created was much more than a logo; it was a full treatment across photography, layout and content. This approach has been utilised across all assets from floor plans to content marketing.

Bringing the benefits of the facility to life, we focused on the people using the space and gave potential users an insight into their experience. Journalist led interviews teased out the information, alongside location photograhy.

Wandsworth Professional Development Centre, Designed by West Creative

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