West Creative is being taken over by a team of year 10 students for one week in July 2018. Part of the government's Career Cluster initiative to encourage better collaboration by leading businesses in different industries - West Creative was chosen to lead as a digital marketing specialist. 

Working with Ark Putney Academy, West Creative will be comandeering a classroom and handing the reins over to the students. On day one they will meet a real customer. The pupils will lead the process from an initial meeting to delivering a campaign back to the client a few days later.

"One of the biggest skills gap in the creative industries is not creative talent, rather it is the ability to work within a commercial brief. This takeover is less about teaching creative skills and more about understanding how to fulfil a client's brief - how to work inside a budget, inside a timeframe and how to make sure the creative content produced meets the client's desired outcomes. Valuable skills for potential freelances and employees alike."

James West
West Creative founder


A real customer is being invited to take part. Pupil's will have two hours to prepare before leading the client meeting. Later that day they will present their campaign idea to the client. In real life, great ideas need to happen fast...a talent we're happy to share.

The best way to learn anything is to have a go. That's why we're giving 15 pupils the keys to West Creative and letting them lead. Whilst the team will be on hand to coach them through each stage, the pupil's will be leading all the client interaction.

Meeting professionals in a real life working environment is exciting. West Creative's journalist, photographer and film maker will be with students throughout the takeover. Offering students insights on how they work with clients to create memorable campaigns. 

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