In 2020, the UK's largest provider of Manufacturing & Print Industry Apprenticeships got in touch to discuss how to build their digital profile. BPIF Training is part of the British Printing Industry Federation and had for a long time rolled on the profile of attracting members from the federation.

As their reputation and rostra of qualifications grew, the new challenge they faced was appealing to employers outside of the federation. This was an opportunity to showcase their offer by creating a sector specific overview of qualifications and apprenticeships available. 

When an organisation has had a limited digital profile, it can be a daunting experience to create a full blown website and evolved digital identity. To steady this process West Creative led a series of internal workshops with the full team at BPIF Training and the Federation to ensure everyone felt consulted during the process.

Sector specific campaigns offer opportunity to demonstrate the relevance of the product and service to an industry. To make this connection, we were playful with phrases that would demonstrate the connection to print and manufacturing. 'Joining the dots' and 'Always in fit' are terms known by every printer, but they also have a double meaning of removing complications and being the best fit for the employer. 

West Creative worked on every aspect of the digital profile - from website design to social media profile. Starting a commission with an agreement of a longer-term partnership is always a recipe for success. A website launch is only ever the start of a journey. Continuing to monitor performance, reviewing the effectiveness of webpages and developing campaigns to drive traffic all add to overall success. 


A series of internal workshops were held with the team involved in the planning and development of the new digital profile. Each workshop built on key decisions made collectively, creating a joint ownership of the final outcomes.

Website icon
Bespoke website design hosted on Wordpress. Development of functionality, user experience and design. Alongside full training for all staff involved in the editing and upkeep of the website.

Finding a sector specific tone of voice is no mean feat. West Creative worked with the existing team and through desk research to identify headline messages, content structure and web copy. 

An ongoing partnership was built into the commission, allowing West Creative to support the team in monitoring the effectiveness of the website. This approach is informing campaign activity and evolving the collaborative partnership.


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