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What happens when you mix an architect, with a maker and 600 pallet boxes…Pallet Paradise of course! This artist led project, part of the Manor House Warehouse community in Tottenham, wanted to reach a much wider audience than the local creative scene through event marketing.

And while they weren’t short on creative ideas, Joe Wright (Architect) and Jenna Jardine (Maker) would be the first to admit explaining the concept wasn’t their strength…let alone marketing the event.

Pallet Paradise layout sketch

Where words fell short, the experience led the way. To capture what audiences could expect we worked with the event producers to mock-up snippets of the experience. This approach created content for the photographer, fed the details for the press release and gave the producers confidence to articulate what people could expect.

Creating Pallet Paradise
Evening Standard press coverage generated by West Creative


Pallet Paradise attracted record breaking attendance. Over the two days, 2,400 people traveled from all over London – from as far afield as Bromley in South London, to Harrow in North West London. The event even attracted enough contribution on the door to cover its costs twice over.


The secret to the success of the event marketing was through the press coverage gained. All too often event press releases are created from the producers perspective and not, as in this case, from what the audience was going to experience. Time Out London praised our approach; the event was the No.1 most clicked event listing that weekend.

Evening Standard
‘What’s On’ Article
London Live
TV Interview
Radio 3
Jeremy Vine Show
Time Out London
Article & Listing


Developed a press relations strategy, focusing on the critical aspects of the experience and developing press content specific to their readership.

Translating the experience of the proposed event into copy that would be understandable and recognisable to the target audience.

Working with guest photographer, Andrew Trace, to capture the experiential aspects of the planned event. A challenge when the event was yet to be created.

Coaching for event producers on being interviewed by journalists. Included service of speaking on behalf of the producers to London Live TV.

In addition to press coverage generated, we also provided extensive event listing services ensuring every opportunity to market the event online.

Pallet Paradise Event Pallet Paradise Event MarketingPallet Paradise Creating the Event

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