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West Creative is a well established creative consultancy working for a broad range of clients. Our clients tend to have social good at their core, from charitable services to education and empowerment.

The company has operated since 2013, working on over 100 commissions to date. Led by James West, the consultancy uses an associate network of freelancers to build small teams for different projects on and offline.


Docu-Style Photography

All our commissions focus on the unique and often fascinating stories of real people. The mix is varied, from what inspires people to teach to incredible achievements in later life.

Most of our photography commissions accompany a writen article by a professional journalist. A selection of c.5 x photos are used to bring the reader closer to the interviewee – this requires photographers with great observational skills to capture the person and their personality, the scene and details that highlight the narrative.

Download this example featuring docu-style imagery by clicking on the image below:

West Creative London Photographer Pool

West Creative are looking to expand the mix of Associate Photographers on their books.

The limited budgets of our clients is offset by the ease of working:

  • When a shoot request is made, it’s matched to people based on availability and ease of access.
  • All shoots are on location in London, and take approximately 1-2hrs.
  • After a shoot, the photographer sends a selection of c.20 photos – no post-production work is required.
  • Payment is always made within 14 days.
  • In general, the fees range from £150-£300+VAT per shoot (depending on time required).
  • Work levels go up and down, commissions tend to come a bit like the buses – nothing for ages then three all at once.

This opportunity will never make you rich, but it has been a nice side earner for photographers and given them access to a fascinating range of people and projects to document.

Express Interest

If this opportunity has peaked your interest and you have the skill set to match, we’d love you to get in touch. Please fill in the brief form below and share a selection of pictures.

Deadline: 24 April 2022.