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Creative Industries Careers Toolkit for Schools & Education Providers

A fresh approach to educating teenagers on the essential skills they most need for a career in the Creative Industries. The Takeover Careers Toolkit was created as part of the Wandsworth Ambition Careers Cluster, funded by the European Social Fund - the Takeover concept was road tested on real students from Ark Putney Academy, London.

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Created specifically for schools and education providers, this Creative Careers Toolkit is free to download. All we need is your email and the organisation you represent - contact details are only used to send you the Toolkit.

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Why we created a Creative Careers Toolkit

"One of the biggest skills gap in the creative industries is not creative talent, rather it is the ability to work within a commercial brief. This takeover is less about teaching creative skills and more about understanding how to fulfil a clients brief - how to work inside a budget, inside a timeframe and how to make sure the creative content produced meets the client's desired outcomes. Valuable skills for freelances and employees alike."

James West
West Creative founder

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