Wandsworth Lifelong Learning working with West Creative

In 2017, Santino Fragola, head of Lifelong Learning at Wandsworth Council got in touch.

The apprenticeship and Lifelong Learning market is crowded and the offer can sometimes be confusing. The challenge Santino and his team were facing was how to stand out as local providers. He needed an approach to better engage learners, employers and partners in the London Borough of Wandsworth.

Santino Fragola, Wandsworth Lifelong Learning

Starting with research, we undertook a competitor analysis and a series of focus groups internally to identify both the gaps and opportunities.

The insights gained formed the foundation, creating a set of value propositions which formed the basis of a new brand identity. One that connected with the Local Authority and gave Wandsworth Lifelong Learning its own voice.

Wandsworth Lifelong Learning
Wandsworth Lifelong Learning
Wandsworth Lifelong Learning
Wandsworth Lifelong Learning
Wandsworth Lifelong Learning
Wandsworth Lifelong Learning

Wandsworth 'Worth it.'

A punchy, succinct message that encapsulates the value of Lifelong Learning and plays on the strength of the localised provision.

The worth it. 'W', is a quick visual identity used across all target audience groups. And the brand statement creates personality across various Calls to Action:

Worth a try.
Worth its weight.
Worth a look.
Worth following.
Worth your time.
Worth your investment.


Responding to the research undertaken and the new brand strategy, West Creative developed a suite of deliverables across print and digital platforms, as well as developing video based Vox-pop content. Each element broadened the reach of the Wandsworth Lifelong Learning - utilising distinct channels and tone of message to reach the full breadth of their target audience. 

"Wandsworth Council Lifelong Learning is continuing to develop a successful relationship with West Creative. There has been excellent feedback on our new website and marketing materials. James has been conscientious in taking time to understand exactly what we need and this is achieving great results."

Santino Fragola, Head of Lifelong Learning 

Wandsworth Lifelong Learning website designed by West Creative


To inform the creative process, we started with a competitor analysis and research workshops to identify a unique set of values.

Born from the research, the brand strategy focused on the values identified in order to provide longevity. A new logo and a suite of brand statements were created.

Translating the brand online, we developed a new microsite for Wandsworth Lifelong Learning, a targeted newsletter and updated the identity for their social media platforms.

Targeting various audiences from residents to job seekers, employers to potential partners, print has played a key role in all campaigns. Posters, flyers, brochures and event merchandise.

Content marketing is key to the strategy at Wandsworth Lifelong Learning, with the creation of Vox-pop films, location photography and journalist led interviews.

Ensuring that both the team know how to use the assets created and have the skills to deliver campaigns more effectively, we regularly meet and train staff on various aspects.

Wandsworth Lifelong Learning banner designed by West Creative

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