In 2018, the Head of Wandsworth's Council's Lifelong Learning team, Santino Fragola expressed his frustration in not realising the full potential of social media.

Already fully aware of the benefits of social media and receiving a certain level of returns through an increase in awareness and direct enquiries generated, the challenge faced was not one of naivety rather it was about social media sophistication. 

Briefed to focus on creating a compelling social media campaign around their apprenticeship offer to engage employers, professionals and job seekers. The first stage was to refine the target audience, focusing on areas of historic success where growth potential still existed and agreeing a set of solid outcomes upon which to measure success. Drilling down to the specifics before the creative concept creates a foundation of financial return from the start.

Worth Making The Change
#WorthTheChange #WorthIt #NAS2019
Timed to launch just prior to National Apprenticeship Week, 'Worth Making The Change' was content marketing social media campaign that ran for 7 weeks.

A series of bespoke editorial articles tailored to the target audience demonstrated authority in the sector.

Post artwork, animated adverts and original video content was optimised for use across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Influencer identification, post planning, monitoring and measurement delivered throughout gave the team peace of mind


A campaign worth talking about.
Share statistics were top notch with 
1,460% more people sharing the content produced during the campaign.

A campaign worth enquiring about.
Direct enquiries about apprenticeship courses increased by 157% during the campaign period. 

A campaign worth exploring.
Visits to Wandsworth Lifelong Learning's website directly via social media referrals increased by 611%.



Defining social media objectives based on historic sales and engagement information. Identifying channels, behavior objectives and campaign measurements to ascertain potential return on investment.

Finding a voice on social media through a campaign concept creates traction, heightens engagment and increases awareness - much more than simply stringing content together via better posts

Utilising a team of professional content producers, bespoke articles were written on set themes, artwork and animated adverts brought statements alive and a series of short interviews with real people created intrigue.

Managing all the planning elements, the delivery and monitoring of the campaign across three social media channels. Alongside measurement of impact week-by-week and in a final report full of future recomendations based on insights gained.

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